How to nurse myasthenia gravis better

How to nurse myasthenia gravis better

How to nurse myasthenia gravis better

Myasthenia gravis is an autoimmune disease mediated by acetylcholine receptors, cellular immune dependence and complement involvement in neuromuscular joints.

The main feature is that part or whole body skeletal muscle is easy to fatigue, showing degenerative muscle weakness, with post-activity aggravation, relief after rest and morning light weight.

So how is myasthenia gravis better?

Patients can remember the following points.

How is myasthenia gravis better?

General care 1, according to the neurological disease care routine.

2, the mild cases are fully rested, avoid fatigue, cold, infection, injury, irritation and other predisposing factors.

Those who are progressively aggravated will take a semi-recumbent position to assist in life care.

3, give high content, high protein, high vitamin diet, avoid dry and rough food.

Those who have difficulty swallowing or chewing may be given fluid or semi-liquid, and if necessary, nasal feeding.

Eat about 40 minutes after taking the medicine.

4, do oral care, skin care, change underwear underwear, keep the underwear clean.

5. Encourage patients to express their worries and provide appropriate help.

Specialist nursery care 1, condition observation: monitoring vital signs, blood oxygen saturation and medication response.

Pay attention to the complications such as myasthenia gravis, keep the airway open, prepare the suction device at the bedside, and prepare the tracheotomy and ventilator if necessary.

2, medication care: strict implementation of medication time and dosage.

It is forbidden to use all drugs that aggravate neuromuscular transmission disorders, such as morphine, lidocaine, streptomycin, kanamycin, gentamicin and sulfonamides.

3, eating care: try to take a seat when eating, look up and lean forward slightly.

Patients in bed should raise their bedsides to eat.

Eat small meals and keep sitting for 30-60 minutes.

4, severe muscle weakness crisis: 1 absolute bed rest, raise the bed.

2 maintain breathing, observe the breathing pattern, follow the doctor’s advice to give oxygen and use respiratory stimulants, tracheotomy, ventilator assisted breathing.

3 Keep the venous access unobstructed, follow the doctor’s advice, and take different measures to relieve the crisis.

4 Prepare communication tools such as paper, pen, and reminder board to understand the needs of patients.

Health Guidance 1, after leaving the hospital with a name, age, address, diagnosis, the current drug and dose of cards and first aid kit, provide a reference for brake rescue.

2, to avoid overwork, trauma, trauma, maintain emotional stability, take medication on time, to avoid cold and various infections.

In the epidemic of respiratory infections, try to be as few as possible in public places.

3, the rational use of anticholinergic enzyme drugs under the guidance of a doctor.

4, women in adults should do a good job in contraception, avoid pregnancy, abortion and so on.

5. Encourage patients to participate in outings or trips with family and friends.

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