[Can chronic gastritis eat pepper?

[Can chronic gastritis eat pepper?

]_Chronic gastric mucositis_Can you eat it?

[Can chronic gastritis eat pepper?
]_Chronic gastric mucositis_Can you eat it?

Gastritis is divided into acute and chronic. The symptoms of two types of gastritis are different, and the harm will be different. If it is chronic gastritis, the onset time will be longer. Patients should be prepared for long-term treatment.This method is combined with treatment. The most common method is to take medicine. In addition, the diet structure must be adjusted. At this time, the principle of light diet should be followed. Can patients with chronic gastritis eat pepper?

Can chronic gastritis eat pepper?
Patients with stomach problems have a light diet and eat less spicy food. It is best to eat less pepper, especially if the edema is severe. When the blood pressure increases, the pepper should be fasted.

When the condition is relieved, the edema subsides, and blood pressure control is stable, you should also try to eat less pepper.

Usually pay attention to low-salt, low-fat, high-quality low-protein diet, eat more fruits or vegetables: apples, pears, celery, etc., pay attention to prevent colds and avoid fatigue.

The following conditions are not suitable for eating pepper.


Thin people should not eat hot peppers, because thin people often have dry throat, bitter mouth, irritability and irritability. If you eat hot peppers, in addition to aggravating the above symptoms, it will easily lead to bleeding, allergies and inflammation, and severe sores will occur.


Maternal, pregnant women should not eat pepper, a lot of tongue sores can occur, dry stools, can also be caused by breastfeeding infants.


Patients who are taking traditional Chinese medicine to treat diseases are also contraindicated, because eating capsaicin will affect the efficacy.

Even normal people should not eat chili for a long time.

According to relevant data, people who eat pepper for a long time will have a lot of diseases, although spicy food is delicious, it is only appropriate.

Patients with stomach problems are advised not to eat spicy food to avoid irritating the stomach again.

The capsaicin of peppers in spicy food ingredients is excreted through the kidneys. It will damage the parenchymal cells of the kidneys, and may cause changes in renal function, and may even cause renal failure. Therefore, it is recommended to develop a better dietThe habit is mainly to treat. The kidney is one of the more important organs of the human body, so patients should choose foods that are not harmful to the kidneys in this way. In this way, the disease can be slowed down.Food It is irritating food, it is best not to eat it.

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