[Benefits of Peach Gum]_Efficacy_Effect

[Benefits of Peach Gum]_Efficacy_Effect

[Benefits of Peach Gum]_Efficacy_Effect

Peach gum is a food that has become more and more popular in recent years. It is also a food that has a good nourishing effect on the human body.

Many people, especially female friends, like to cook peach gum with papaya, bird’s nest or saponin rice to make delicious and nutritious dessert.

So, what are the benefits of eating peach gum?

Details will be introduced below!

I. Efficacy 1: Treatment of stomach pain “Outline” records that peach gum has the effect of replenishing blood and qi, and analgesic.

For gastrointestinal pain, gastroenteritis can be washed with peach gum, which is a bit larger than soybeans, washed with chewing and crushed, served in warm water, once in the morning and evening, insisted on taking for 30 days, gastritis will no longer be committed, and the stomach will no longer be uncomfortable.
This method is only used for nourishing the stomach and health. It is recommended to take it under the guidance of traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of stomach problems.

2. Efficacy 2: Lipid-lowering and beauty-enhancing According to legend, peach gum was also the beauty supplement to be used by the Empress Dowager Cixi. Peach gum and saponin rice, and Tremella fuciformis are used to make soup for long-term consumption.For details on how to eat peach gum, see “Peach Gum Daquan Encyclopedia” III. Effect 3: Ancient medicinal recipes for treating blood leaching: plaster, mutong, peach gum (half hype).

On the fine foam.

For every two bucks, one piece of water, fry to seven minutes, take orally, before eating.

(“Yang’s Family Tibetan Recipe” Taojiao Powder) After treatment, the lower diarrhea is red and white, and the pain is severe after anxiety: Peach (baked), agarwood, and Puhuang (fried) are equally divided.


Drink two yuan for each serving.

(“Women’s Recipes”) Treating stone leaching is painful: peach gum is as big as jujube, cold water is used in summer, soup is used in soup in winter, and three clothes are served on the day.

(“Ancient and Modern Recording Recipes”) Treatment of Deficiency and Heat Thirst: Peach Gum is as big as a projectile and contains a lot of swallows.

(“Qian Jin Fang”) For diabetes: Peach gum, wash with lukewarm water, cook in a small pot, and add some seasoning salt (but don’t add sweetness).

Take one to two or two at a time.

(“Herbal Medicine Recipes Exchange Collection”) Treatment of sores and black pimple, convulsions and distress: Taojiao Jiantang drink it.

One side of the water boiled into a paste, and the warm wine was adjusted, all the time.

(“Pediatric Health General Micro Formula” Tao Jiao Tang)

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