[Can you eat oranges for diarrhea]_Diarrhea_Can you eat

[Can you eat oranges for diarrhea]_Diarrhea_Can you eat

[Can you eat oranges for diarrhea]_Diarrhea_Can you eat

People should attach great importance to the quality of their own diet in their daily life diet, because once the human body eats some deteriorated food or expired food, some gastrointestinal diseases will appear. Diarrhea is a very common gastrointestinal disease. Many people are experiencingAfter I have a diarrhea, I want to know if I can eat fruit such as oranges. So, can diarrhea eat oranges?

First, can diarrhea eat oranges?

The most common reason for diarrhea to eat oranges is infection, such as salmonella.

Therefore, the cleanliness of food must be strictly controlled.

Oranges contain a large amount of vitamin C and essential oils, a higher content of riboflavin (vitamin B2), and carotene are higher than other fruits. They contain a variety of vitamins necessary for human growth and metabolism. Lemons should be addedBittern becomes the winning weapon to suppress breast cancer!

Orange blossoms can be blended as scented tea, but the effect is even more pronounced with orange peel.

There are two types of orange peels. One is fresh green peel, which breaks the air, but fresh green peel is easy to hurt righteousness. It is not used in special cases.

One is tangerine skin. It is called tangerine skin after it has been stored for more than one year. The longer the age of tangerine skin, the more valuable it is.

Chenpi is a treasure of traditional Chinese medicine. In ancient times, it was very prescribing that there were seven points of Chenpi. Without this Chenpi, many prescriptions could not be made, so only two or two Chenpi and one gold were said.

Chenpi is a commonly used traditional Chinese medicine for qi, stomach, and phlegm.

Using orange peel to replace water with tea has the effects of clearing heat, relieving cough, and reducing phlegm, but fresh orange peel is not good for health.

The beneficial effects of Chenpi bubble tea: Second, it is used for chest and abdomen fullness.

Tangerine Xinxin has warm temperature, fragrant aroma, longer than qi, and can enter the spleen and lungs, so it can not only disperse the lungs and prevent qi, but also wide qi. It is used for lung stagnation, chest fullness and spleen and stomach qi, Abdominal distension and embolism.

It is often compatible with woody incense and coriander shell.

It is used for damp resistance in middle coke, abdominal distension, diarrhea, and phlegm cough.

Orange peel is bitter, warm, dry, and can strengthen the spleen and qi, so it is often used in damp resistance, middle-burning, bloating, abdominal distension, and greasy fur. It can be used in combination with Atractylodes root and Magnolia.

It is also good at drying dampness and reducing phlegm. It is a commonly used medicine for treating dampness, phlegm, and lungs.

Can diarrhea eat oranges?

It is not advisable to eat oranges for diarrhea, diarrhea may have stomach or obesity, you can consider barium meal fluoroscopy first, try oral pyrrolic acid, pay attention to rest, eat a light diet, do not eat cold spicy spicy food.

If necessary, you can try to apply hot compresses, which will gradually improve to see what kind of diarrhea and other diseases are combined; for Western medicine, generally, diarrhea, body fluids and absorption (such as potassium and the like) are lost, etc., appropriateIt’s better to eat some oranges.

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