[Home-style beef noodles]_Beef noodles_Home-made practices_Methods Daquan

[Home-style beef noodles]_Beef noodles_Home-made practices_Methods Daquan

[Home-style beef noodles]_Beef noodles_Home-made practices_Methods Daquan

Beef is a very common type of meat. Beef has a very full flavor and high nutritional value. Eating beef has strong bones and bones, eliminates edema, and treats waist and knee weakness. Now people everywhere like to eat beef noodles, soWhat is the most popular beef noodle practice?

First, braised tomato and beef noodle 1, prepare.

Beef tendon.



Cut the onion into the right size 2 and add the beautiful 媞 Ni extra virgin olive oil to the pan and fry the ginger and minced garlic 3 over low heat, and add the bean paste.

Sauté the sweet noodle sauce over low heat until the flavor comes out. 4. Add onion and tomato. 5. Add the beef cubes and stir fry. Pour rice wine and soy sauce on the side of the pot. 6. Add carrots and add water to the ingredients.The lid is simmered for about 40?
60 minutes (try to eat first, then add rock sugar as appropriate) 7. Cook the noodles until you like the Q degree, remove them, add the noodles to the vegetables and bake them, and simmer the beef soup. If it is too strong, add some noodles to adjust the soupThat is acceptable.

2. Refreshing tomato and beef noodles 1. Prepare the ingredients: Cut all the ingredients into appropriate size 2. Wash the beef tendon with blood before use. 3. Put all the ingredients and sauce into the pot and add water to fill the ingredients.Stew on low heat for about 90 minutes and turn off the heat for about an hour!

4. Take out the Kanto noodles from Goki Ramen and it ‘s just one serving. After the water is boiled, you can cook for 5 minutes, and the greens and green onions are not sold at all!

Third, tomato beef noodles 1, prepared ingredients: 1.

Onion tomato carrot cut into 2 pieces.

Buy the beef bone and soak it in cold water, so you can go for some blood water 2. After the beef tendon is scalded, add brine taurine seasoning and an appropriate amount of water, and braze for an hour to soft 3, tomato soup base: add in the potOil, add the chopped vegetables to the pan and stir fry for about 10 minutes, then add the tomato soup seasoning and stir fry until the tomatoes are gelatinized.

4. Add an appropriate amount of water (more than the ingredients) and simmer for about an hour and a half on low heat, which is a delicious tomato soup base.

5. Slice the marinated beef tendon and soak it back into the marinade for about half an hour.

6. Remember to add noodles when cooking noodles, and add some salt 加!

Green vegetables can just be hot.

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