[How to choose figs?

[How to choose figs?

】 _How to choose_How to choose

[How to choose figs?
】 _How to choose_How to choose

In the summer, the sweltering weather can cause a sore throat. At this time, the voice becomes hoarse, and swallowing difficulties usually occur when eating. In response to this kind of complications, patients can eat more figs.Very good. In addition, postpartum mothers are prone to lack of milk. At this time, eating figs can lead to the effect of breast milk. Here is the correct way to choose figs.

How to choose figs?
The quality of figs will not only affect the taste of the food, but also the nutritional content of the figs with poor quality will be reduced.

However, how to choose figs?

Let ‘s take a look together.

1. Look at the appearance: The appearance of the fig should be plump and flawless. Try to be bigger.

2. Smell: If the fig emits a sour smell, it usually means that the fig is broken and it is not suitable to buy.

3, touch: touch the figs with your hands, choose soft, but not mushy.

4. According to the solar terms: Figs are divided into two in summer and two in autumn. Generally, the figs in summer are big and the quality is better, but the figures in autumn are relatively small and the quality is slightly worse.

5. Look at the cracks: The sugar content of the fig is particularly high, and it is easy to attract some insects that like sweets.

So when choosing figs, don’t buy those with large cracked fronts. Instead, choose those with more cracks and smaller openings on the front.

Figs mature.

The ripening period of figs is generally from July to August each year. Fresh figs can be purchased on the market at this time, and should be available until October.

Look at the colors.

The dark-colored figs are ripe. The first thing to do is to choose the color.

If it is particularly young, it should be immature, and the taste of immature is not good enough to choose.

Look at the size.

Try to choose the big one, which is both mature and plump.

Figs can also be used as dried fruits, but the dried ones are much smaller, so the big ones will be richer in moisture.

Look at the tail.

The tail of the fig is open. If the mouth is too wide, it will be easy to get in the dust.

Therefore, the selection is smaller to avoid bacteria in it.

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