[Dried Fried Saury]_Dried Fried Saury_How to do_How to do

[Dried Fried Saury]_Dried Fried Saury_How to do_How to do

[Dried Fried Saury]_Dried Fried Saury_How to do_How to do

The deliciousness of saury has always been recognized by diners, and it is actually a common dish to dry fried saury at the family dinner table. In fact, for those who love this dish, they can also complete it by themselves.Let’s find out how.

First, method / step 1, first of all, the fish must be cleaned to remove the internal organs.

You don’t need to open every piece of fish strips bought in the supermarket.

You can observe from the cross section, if you find no fish viscera, you can skip it.

For example, the first two pictures have no internal organs, and the last two pictures have internal organs and need to be removed.

2. The white film on the surface of the fish follows personal preferences.

It ‘s not fish scales, but it ‘s not easy to make whole fish if it ‘s washed too clean and it ‘s easy to break up.

Studies have shown that this layer of white film has anti-cancer effects, and it is recommended to keep it.

3. Next, fillet the fish fillet, sprinkle with green onion, ginger powder, a small amount of cooking wine, etc., and marinate for about 15 minutes.

4. Next, heat the pot. After the pot is slightly hot, use a small piece of ginger to rub the bottom of the pot, so that it can be fishy and make the fish not stick to the pot!

5. Pour in a little more oil, probably about half the size of the fried fish.

Heat the oil to a high temperature over medium heat, otherwise it will become mushy.

6. Remove the spring onions from the fish strips (otherwise, the spring onions will easily paste after being heated in the pot, which will cause skewers), and then place them in the pot in order. After putting them in, reduce the heat to a small amount. Do not flip the belt fish for now, otherwisebroken.
After a minute or two, flip carefully, at this time you find that some noodles of the fish are golden!

There is a sense of accomplishment!

7, according to this method, the other side can also be fried golden.


Second, the technique of dried fried strips of fish is a common food at home.

There have been many specific methods of frying kelp, so I won’t repeat them here.

This article combines my own practice to talk about the tricks in dry fry.

A way to prevent the fish from being broken, not to paste the pot, etc.

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